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If the washing machine or the car breaks down, not everyone has enough money on the high edge to buy a replacement. But when things get tight financially, the Cream Bank payday loan helps. This is an installment loan. This means that you take out a fixed amount as a loan to buy long-lasting assets such as a new kitchen or a new car. You repay this loan every month in fixed installments. The Cream Bank payday loan has a term of 12 to 72 months. However, this should not be longer than the life of the asset. Financing a vacation in the Caribbean, for example, with an installment loan that runs for three years does not make sense. Because vacation and relaxation are long gone if you still pay off.


How to get a loan


If you want to take out a Cream Bank payday loan, you have to provide information about your personal and financial situation: Where do you work? Permanent or temporary? Full or part time? What is your income? The Cream Bank needs the answers to these questions in order to be able to calculate how high the loan it can give you. In addition, information is obtained from the protection association for general credit protection (credit record) as to whether you still have any outstanding loans and how you can meet your payment obligations.


You have to repay that

You have to repay that

If your Cream Bank lends you money, there is a fee for this, that is the interest. It depends on the length of the term and the amount of the loan. It is also based on the interest rate set by the Best Bank. But the so-called nominal interest is not the final value. The decisive factor is the effective annual interest rate. Because for every loan there are costs that are added to the nominal interest rate. That is why the effective interest rate is always higher.


To make sure the annual percentage

To make sure

However, the annual percentage rate does not include the expenses for residual credit insurance. You close these to ensure that the loan is repaid, for example, in the event that something happens to you. Otherwise, your heirs might have to pay off the loan. Whether you want to take out such a policy depends on your own risk appetite. Let your savings bank advisor inform you about this.

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Short Term Loans Make Expenses Short /short-term-loans-make-expenses-short/ /short-term-loans-make-expenses-short/#respond Sat, 04 Apr 2020 03:25:15 +0000 "Short Term Loans Make Expenses Short"]]>

A loan is categorized as a short-term loan if the term of the loan is less than or equal to one year. The form of loans can vary, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or others. The important thing is that the loan must be repaid in one year or less. If the loan time is more than that, then the loan can be categorized as a medium-term or long-term loan. Because the borrowing time is no more than one year, then a loan like this will provide a short burden as well. After one year, you will be released from the loan and can breathe more freely. However, it must still be considered profit and loss.


It must be remembered that a loan is a debt

When in debt, there is an obligation to pay according to the agreed time between the borrower and lender. If you cannot pay on time, there will usually be a consequence of the delay. Lenders usually set certain sanctions for late payment such as fines or auction guarantees if the loan uses collateral. For this reason, careful calculations need to be done before borrowing money. You must know how much you can afford with a clear income prediction so that you will be able to pay according to the due date that is not long.

If paid in installments per specified period, the shorter the time period, the faster the burden will be completed. However, for large amounts of loans, a short time period means a greater amount of installments so the burden is too heavy and may become unaffordable. Therefore, the short-term loan ceiling is usually smaller than the long-term loan.

Typically, loans with a maturity of less than 1 year are easier to obtain than loans with a longer rank because the risk is smaller for the lender. New borrowers who do not have prior loan records are more likely to be able to borrow only for a short time. In addition, the type of collateral also usually affects the period of the loan given. For guarantees that have a reduction in value from time to time such as motor vehicles, the loan period is short. Long-term loans can usually only be obtained if the collateral has a stable value or tends to increase from time to time such as land and buildings.


Because the loan period is short

Because the loan period is short

this loan is suitable for short-term capital projects with clear income. The reason is simple, namely to facilitate payments and ensure the ability to repay loans on time. For projects like this, there are several banks or other lenders who want to make concessions by not requiring you to pay in installments but allowing you to pay in full when due. That way, you can focus more on working on projects without thinking about installments. When your project is complete and the results are obtained, you can return the loan and be free from the burden.

Because a project does not always go according to schedule, it is better if you make a little spare time as a leeway to pay off loans. For example, you have a project that will be completed in 5 months. For the project capital, you can borrow with a period of 6 months so that when due, you already have funds to pay it off. However, don’t make it too loose because it can make you too relaxed and negligent. If the time period is too long, you might have used the money so that when it is due, your money is used up.


Short-term loans

Short-term loans

Short-term loans can also usually be used for personal needs such as for the cost of home repairs, wedding costs, and even vacation costs. However, loans for these needs are usually more difficult to obtain and you need strong proof of your ability to pay. You also cannot take big risks. Make sure that the amount of the installments that you have to pay each month or certain period matches your ability to pay. Don’t forget that you also have many other needs so your income must be divided to meet all those needs. So, choose the fastest installment that you can afford to pay so that your expenses are finished quickly but not burdensome for you.

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Compare loans with a term of 120 months /compare-loans-with-a-term-of-120-months/ /compare-loans-with-a-term-of-120-months/#respond Tue, 31 Mar 2020 04:25:16 +0000 "Compare loans with a term of 120 months"]]>

Installment loans with a term of 120 months, offers from direct banks for this can be counted on the fingers of both hands. The financial check loan calculator we recommend still compares most offers. With Good Finance there is even a loan that can be taken out digitally.

On the credit comparison from E-Money, you can currently find (January 2019) four providers.

The General Civil Service Bank only grants loans to civil servants and to civil servants. These are typical official loans that traditionally make very long terms possible with low rates.

Just like the business policies of banks, the loan offers contained in the computers can change practically every day.

Why did so little credit offer from direct banks?

So why are there so few offers for direct loans with a 10-year term?

The answer is obvious. The typical direct loans are loans for small or medium-sized financing needs. To make normal purchases, borrowers need 10,000 dollars, maybe even 20,000 dollars. A residential loan is already taken out for 30,000 dollars.

With such loan amounts, long terms pay off neither for the bank nor for the borrower. Rather, it makes sense to roughly link the terms to the useful life of the object to be financed with the loan.

That is why direct banks usually only offer maturities of up to 84 months, sometimes up to 96 months. The average term for consumer loans is no more than 60 months.

For online loans, earmarked or for free use, there are standardized credit checks and collateral at direct banks. As a rule, for example, only the assignment of salary claims serves as security.

With very long terms, this security is actually not sufficient. Over a period of 10 years, the borrower can change a lot in his professional and financial situation.

The risk of default is simply too great for banks to grant the loan in a standardized, automated approval process.

Loans with high credit volumes and unusually long terms are more for branch banks. In such cases, the credit officers at branch banks will surely check the creditworthiness of their customers manually for each individual case.

On the other hand, the customer has the option of offering further collateral, such as pledging securities or life insurance.

Loans with a term of 120 months make sense?

Loans with a term of 120 months make sense?

Loans with a 10-year term for private use are actually only found more frequently in the area of ​​real estate financing. Smaller 120-month loans are a rather unprofitable business for borrowers.

Borrowing costs

On average, banks charge higher interest rates for long-term installment loans than for loans with normal terms.

The average interest rate is currently around 6.9% for terms longer than 60 months, while it is around 4.6% for loans from 12 to 60 months. The examples listed here are of a theoretical nature. In practice, the numbers can look different, the interest rates can be lower or higher.

However, the examples clearly show how interest rates and terms change overall costs and that long terms are always associated with higher costs.

However, higher costs are often accepted in order to keep rates low. Extremely long terms are often chosen because otherwise, the loan is not payable.

Necessary net income

Banks determine the economic performance of their credit customers according to internal, generally unpublished, lending guidelines.

In it, the cost of living is assessed according to certain lump sums, and the attachable amount of the regular net income also plays a role.

The table below estimates which net income must at least be available. The borrower is said to be a family with a dependent child.

Both parents are employed, earn approximately the same amount and apply for the loan together. The loan amount is set at 20,000 dollars.

The example only takes into account the attachment table and no lump sums for living expenses. Pre-credits may require a higher net income.

This example is also theoretical and is only intended to give an idea of ​​the income that is required for a loan of 20,000 dollars with the specified terms.

Many consumers have misconceptions about this. The starting point is the consideration that a family with a dependent child should at least have the seizure-free income for their livelihood.

This income should not have to be used for the principal. Banks can come to a different result within the framework of concrete lending. According to the bank’s guidelines, income requirements may be lower or higher.

Installment loans with a 10-year term recommended at all?

Installment loans with a 10-year term recommended at all?

The question is what should be sensibly financed with such long-term loans, taking into account the principle that the duration of the expected useful life of the object to be financed should be adjusted.

From this point of view, smaller purchases and thus smaller loan amounts are out of the question. The useful life of a computer is perhaps three to five years, that of a normal motor vehicle for five to seven years.

Maturities of 10 years are only considered in the private sector when it comes to externally financing expensive purchases.

This can be, for example, a luxury body or a particularly expensive work of art. But mostly it will be about home furnishings, measures on an existing property or the purchase of a property.

Another use case can be major debt restructuring, such as combining several loans into one loan, for example as part of a debt restructuring. Often, however, there are special loan options with interest that are cheaper than those for normal installment loans, especially for all these applications.

Many banks provide earmarked housing loans for construction work on a property and in some cases also for the financing of home furnishings. As a rule, an entry in the land register is not required. Only the intended use often has to be proven.

However, even such loans are often not possible with the extremely long term of 10 years. An alternative is mortgage loans, which can be taken out both for construction work and for the purchase of a property.

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Celebrate the New Year 2020, Run a Business Idea with Online Fund Loans /celebrate-the-new-year-2020-run-a-business-idea-with-online-fund-loans/ /celebrate-the-new-year-2020-run-a-business-idea-with-online-fund-loans/#respond Fri, 27 Mar 2020 04:21:09 +0000 "Celebrate the New Year 2020, Run a Business Idea with Online Fund Loans"]]> Welcome to the new year! What are your resolutions for the year 2020? Maybe one of your new year’s resolutions is getting extra income. You can do this by running a side business. One of the alternatives that will make it easier for you is to apply for an online fundraiser for additional capital.

If you intend to run a business, it requires careful planning. What are the promising business opportunities in 2020? Let’s see what business ideas you can come up within the near future!

Cafe and Culinary Businesses

Cafe and Culinary Businesses

Culinary endeavors, especially cafes and liquor stores, have been rampant lately. The culinary business is one of the timeless businesses because everyone needs food and there is always a new culinary trend every year. By 2020, you will be able to sell Good Finance innovative food or drinks with a modern taste. For example, health or beverage stores tend to be overrun by Millenials.

Natural or Natural Good Finance Business

This is also a good business opportunity in 2020 as the public’s awareness of environmental sustainability grows. You can sell Good Finance that is natural in nature and does not ruin the environment, and also has a traditional feel like batik or traditional weaving. With this, you can maintain the environment while gaining a greater market share by marketing the Indonesian culture. Examples of Good Finance’s eco-friendly efforts have been its use of stainless steel or recycled plastic bags.

Online Business


In today’s digital age, especially in 2020, online business is still a lucrative business potential. This is because the number of Internet users is increasing in Indonesia. In addition, people search for everything through the internet, so the online business is a promising business opportunity. In addition to using the marketplace for Good Finance sales, you can also sell your expertise if you have expertise in a particular field. For example, design skills, photography, writing, programming, and so on. You can take courses online to share your knowledge.

One example of an online business that can be marketed if you have programming skills in software sales. This is because information technology is constantly evolving, and good software is a catalyst for the development of such information technology.

Home Business

By 2020, home-based business is also one of the potential business benefits. Examples include selling dried foods, soft drinks, and so on. The key to successful home-based ventures is to innovate and adapt to market demands. With the third point, you can market your business results through the online marketplace to reach a broader market.

I hope the article above inspires you to start your business in 2020, yes. If you need additional capital for your business, you can lend a trustworthy online loan to support your business.

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Credit intermediaries with no upfront costs /credit-intermediaries-with-no-upfront-costs/ /credit-intermediaries-with-no-upfront-costs/#respond Sun, 15 Mar 2020 03:38:04 +0000 "Credit intermediaries with no upfront costs"]]> A credit broker is usually used whenever a loan or loan is requested for a large amount. The credit intermediary then takes over both the negotiations with the respective lenders and the application for the loan itself.

How to find a good mediator

How to find a good mediator

Credit intermediaries have numerous advantages. Through their close contact with banks and other lenders, which has usually been well maintained for years, they have the opportunity to obtain conditions that are not accessible to private individuals and people outside the industry.

While this process is not worthwhile for smaller and micro-loans due to the fee that a credit intermediary ultimately deducts either as a fixed amount or as a percentage of the loan amount, slightly improved conditions and somewhat lower interest rates can make a big difference if the loan amount changes five- to nine-digit range.

Here, people outside the industry often have the problem of not being able to obtain an individually tailored loan, even if they have the necessary creditworthiness for the amount requested. Credit intermediaries, on the other hand, oppose the industry, the lenders and the banks and know exactly what type of loan and credit which lender is suitable for. These advantages are ultimately converted into cash for the borrower if, for example, lower interest rates are incurred or if the loan agreement can be individually provided with some key points that would otherwise never be up for discussion when negotiating with people outside the industry.

Credit intermediaries with no upfront costs are reputable

Credit intermediaries with no upfront costs are reputable

A credit broker with no upfront costs conveys a high degree of seriousness, because potential borrowers, regardless of whether they are under private law or companies, should always ensure that the credit broker works at no upfront cost. Unfortunately, there are also some black sheep in the banking and banking sectors, who make their living mainly by paying upfront costs.

Inexperienced borrowers are ripped off by promising first-class conditions, while part of the costs incurred must be covered in advance. A good credit broker, on the other hand, only issues an invoice to the borrower if a suitable loan has also been found. Of course, it is not possible to generalize that every credit broker with a pre-cost option would be a “black sheep”, but caution is definitely advised with these credit brokers.

If in doubt, borrowers in the market should look around for possible alternatives, because credit intermediaries are usually not really rare. The prerequisite for this, however, is that hiring a credit broker with regard to the loan amount is worthwhile at all. Hardly a good credit broker will move out of his office for a micro loan, but with a company loan in the millions it looks very different. It is best to ask the broker’s core areas and specialization in advance.

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Swiss credit without Credit Bureau query /swiss-credit-without-credit-bureau-query/ /swiss-credit-without-credit-bureau-query/#respond Sun, 08 Mar 2020 04:57:37 +0000 "Swiss credit without Credit Bureau query"]]>


Every now and then life brings moments when you have to be or become financially quick. These are moments when either a larger amount of cash is required or where investments have to be made that unfortunately cannot be postponed. But what to do if the required amount of money is not available? If you can’t raise them from your own resources?

As a rule, you then take out a loan. Not a major problem, as there are many different versions. It only becomes interesting when the Credit Bureau query reveals that the consumer is actually not creditworthy. Because then the search for a suitable source of money is a little more difficult. But there should also be help here. Namely in the form of a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau query. You can apply for this in a very simple and uncomplicated way.

The advantage of this type of loan

The advantage of this type of loan

A Swiss loan without Credit Bureau query has a very special advantage. He really does not need a Credit Bureau query. This means that the lending bank has no insight into the borrower’s previous payment history and must rely on their information. But so that the bank does not run the risk that the borrowed money will not be repaid in the end, it secures itself extensively in other ways.

For example, every borrower is required to have a fixed employment relationship and to have a high income with this employment relationship. The Swiss bank will also require a guarantor for the loan. If this cannot be offered, other meaningful collateral must be given in order to have a chance of obtaining a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau query. All in all, certainly feasible things that will ensure that the required money is quickly available.

Swiss loan without a Credit Bureau query

Swiss loan without a Credit Bureau query

A Swiss loan without a Credit Bureau query can be obtained in different ways. Firstly, via the Internet, where some intermediaries are happy to make the appropriate contact with the banks. Or directly on site at a Swiss bank. Anyone who is in Switzerland can also audition for a loan in any bank branch. The advisors will review the application and then quickly decide whether and how a loan is possible.

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Credit Score : What does the FICO Credit Score mean? /credit-score-what-does-the-fico-credit-score-mean/ /credit-score-what-does-the-fico-credit-score-mean/#respond Wed, 12 Feb 2020 08:26:32 +0000 "Credit Score : What does the FICO Credit Score mean?"]]>

Your credit score can mean the difference between being denied or approved for credits, and between receiving low or high interest rates. A good score can help you qualify for a rental apartment, and even help you get connected utilities without paying deposit.




Your credit score can mean the difference between being denied or approved for credits, and between receiving low or high interest rates. A good score can help you qualify for a rental apartment, and even help you get connected utilities without paying deposit.

Your credit score is a three-digit number generated by a mathematical algorithm using the information in your report or credit report. The credit score is designed to predict the risk, specifically, the probability that you will be delinquent in your credit obligations within 24 months after your score.

There are a multitude of credit scoring models in existence, but there is one that dominates the market: the FICO credit score. According to, the consumer website of the FICO scoring developer, “90 percent of all financial institutions in the United States use the FICO score in their decision-making process.”




Most credit scores – including the FICO score and the latest version of VantageScore – operate within the range of 301 to 850. Within this range, there are different categories, from bad to excellent.

  • Excellent Credit: 750+
  • Good Credit: 700-749
  • Normal Credit: 650-699
  • Poor Credit: 600-649
  • Bad credit: below 599

But these ranges are not written in stone. This is because lenders have their own definitions of what a good credit score is. A lender who is trying to approve more borrowers could approve applicants with credit ratings of 680 or higher. Others could be more selective and only approve those with scores of 750 or more. Or both lenders can offer credit to anyone with a score of at least 650, but they usually charge consumers with scores below 700 a higher interest rate.




Your credit report data collects five main categories that make up a FICO credit score. The rating model takes some factors more strongly, such as payment history and debt incurred.

  • Payment history: (35 percent) – Payment information for your accounts, including any late payments and public records.
  • Debts: (30 percent) – The amount you owe on your accounts. The amount of available credit you are using in revolving accounts is very much taken into account.
  • Credit history time: (15 percent) – How long have you opened your accounts and how long have you been active?
  • Types of credit used: (10 percent) – The combination of accounts you have, taking into account both revolving and installment payments.
  • New credit: (10 percent) – Your search for new credits, including credit reviews (credit inquiries) and number of recently opened accounts.

Personal or demographic information such as age, race, address, marital status, income, and employment status does not affect your credit score.

Within a scoring model, there is more than one formula used to calculate the score, and each formula is designed for a category of consumers with similar credit profiles. The information contained in your credit report determines which formula is used. If you have a new credit, for example, the scoring model puts you in a category for people with a young credit history, and a specific scoring formula is used for that group. For example, within that group, recent research (credit inquiries) may cost more points than they would for a different group of consumers.




Federal law requires the consumer’s right to access their free credit report once a year from each credit reporting agency, however they are not entitled to their free credit score. To obtain your credit score, you have to buy it from a credit score provider as one of the credit reporting agencies or as Identity IQ that offers you free of charge your FICO credit score from the 3 credit agencies for 7 days.

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Credit for Hartz 4 recipients /credit-for-hartz-4-recipients/ /credit-for-hartz-4-recipients/#respond Sat, 08 Feb 2020 04:56:08 +0000 "Credit for Hartz 4 recipients"]]> No German or foreign bank will grant a loan to Hartz 4 recipients. Contrary statements, such as those made by various credit intermediaries, are dubious and should only be viewed with extreme caution. Many Hartz 4 recipients have no financial reserves and are often even heavily indebted. The latter always results in negative Credit Bureau information.

In addition to the Hartz 4 reference, this is another exclusion criterion for lending. Many Hartz 4 recipients are not unemployed, but are employed or self-employed. However, the wages from this job are so low that they do not cover the ongoing cost of living. Persons who receive Hartz 4 in addition to their wages are also referred to as top-ups. If you apply for a loan from a bank, you will also be rejected. There will hardly be any additional security here. If this were the case, no Hartz 4 benefit could be paid.

Loans from the job center

Loans from the job center

The only realistic way to get a loan for Hartz 4 recipients would be to apply to the responsible job center. However, there should be a valid reason for this. Anyone who simply wants to go on vacation or fulfill larger consumer wishes for which there is no need will certainly not receive a credit for Hartz 4 recipients. Hartz 4 recipients often have the problem that they not only have negative Credit Bureau entries, but also rental and / or energy debts. Anyone affected by this should act quickly, otherwise the apartment may be terminated without notice or the power supply interrupted. In this case, the job center will check the situation and always pay for the rent or energy debts if there are no good reasons not to do so.

Private or institutional lenders

Private or institutional lenders

Often this will only be a loan, which means that the amount of money received has to be paid back to the job center in monthly installments. Other reasons to take out a loan for Hartz 4 recipients are a broken fridge, a broken washing machine or a broken TV. Here too, the loan is expressly earmarked for a specific purpose.
In contrast to many private or institutional lenders, the job center does not charge any interest. For this reason, the Hartz 4 recipients only have to return to the job center the amounts of money that they actually received.

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